What’s your global citizen ranking?

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Take our quiz to discover your global citizen ranking. And take the first step toward improving your score by becoming an au pair in the USA! 😉 


Being a global citizen is all about understanding the world and your place in it, it’s about considering other perspectives and making change. In an increasingly global society being able to communicate with and understand other peoples and cultures is a vital personal skill.


Through their experience in the USA au pairs become ultimate global citizens. They learn to see the world from new perspectives, master how to communicate with people different to them, all while gaining experience living abroad.


Au pairs make change during their experience by impacting the lives of their host children and in their new American community. When their time in the USA is over, au pairs take all they have learned back home, and share their international experience to transform their local community.


Our au pairs are true global citizens, are you?


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Cultural Care Au Pair
Cultural Care Au Pair
Ici Cultural Care Au Pair ! Nous sommes convaincus que les échanges culturels rendent le monde meilleur, donc nous avons fait notre mission d’aider les Au Pairs à vivre des expériences inoubliables aux États-Unis. Quand nous ne sommes pas occupés à aider les Au Pairs à voyager, apprendre et s’épanouir en Amérique, c’est que nous sommes probablement en train de tester des friandises du monde entier et de boire des litres de café.
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