An Inside Look at the Ambassador Program

An Inside Look at the Ambassador Program

Find out what it means to be an ambassador for cultural exchange.

Cultural Care Au Pair is dedicated to helping au pairs make the most of their time in the USA—and one of the best ways to do that is by becoming an Ambassador!


Our Ambassador Program is a platform for au pairs who are passionate about cultural exchange and getting involved in the community to help others on their program, while in turn helping themselves! Ambassadors are given exclusive opportunities for media exposure and professional development. And above all, they’re given the chance to make even more friends from around the world.


Curious to know more about what it means to be a Global Ambassador for Cultural Care? Read on for our special Q&A with Jess Hurley, Director of the Ambassador Program.

Jess Hurley
Jess Hurley, Director of the Ambassador Program


Q: Hi Jess! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and where you’re from?  

A: Sure thing! I like running up mountains, shirts with cats on them and dad jokes. I am originally from Boston and recently moved back from living in Luzern, Switzerland for 3 years.  While in Switzerland I learned to appreciate nature, chocolate and respect crosswalk lights!



Q: How long have you been with Cultural Care Au Pair? How long as Ambassador Director?

A: I’ve worked with Cultural Care for the past 6 years. Three and a half years ago I moved to our European headquarters in Switzerland to start the Ambassador Program.


Q: When did the Ambassador Program start and why?

A: The Cultural Care Ambassador Program started as a way to create additional support for au pairs during their au pair journey—both in the USA and once the program is over and they’ve returned home. Additionally, it started as a way to recognize and develop au pairs that were going above and beyond—whether it was by promoting cultural exchange by telling their stories, or supporting their peers by creating community!


Q: What is the mission of the Ambassador Program?

A: The mission of the Ambassador Program is to promote cultural exchange, enhance the au pair experience for both ambassadors and other au pairs, and motivate each other by fostering a thriving Ambassador community.​


Q: Can you give us a breakdown of the Ambassador Program? The different roles and opportunities to get involved?

A: As an ambassador, you have opportunities to get involved in Ambassador Activities, which will help you develop in the following areas:


  • Community Leader: Strengthen the overall au pair community by welcoming new au pairs, organizing meet-ups, and supporting your peers.
  •  Media Influencer: Share your experiences and information that will be useful to other au pairs, through your own channels, blogs and social media takeovers.
  • Mentor: Sign up to be a Cultural Care Buddy, and get matched with au pairs who just found a family and have not traveled yet.
  • Advocate for Au Pairs: Participate in research projects and focus groups to help us improve the au pair program.


Q: Why, in your opinion, should au pairs become ambassadors?

A: Au pairs should become ambassadors if they love Cultural Care and want to/already do promote cultural exchange, enhance the au pair experience for both ambassadors and other au pairs, and want to connect with fellow ambassadors that are motivated by the same things across the globe.


Q: How does being an Ambassador benefit an au pair? What do they gain?

A: The Ambassador Program is completely voluntary, which mean you can participate as much or as little as you’d like. It all depends how much you put into it!


As an Ambassador, you’ll feel more connected to the global Cultural Care community. You’ll be motivated by Ambassadors who are truly improving the experience and world. You’ll have an opportunity to reflect and understand how much you have grown as an au pair and how this will impact the rest of your life.


Here are the official benefits of the program:

Community Engagement:

  • Membership into a global community
  • Opportunity to share your story at local information meetings and school presentations
  • Opportunity to become a Cultural Care Buddy and mentor new au pairs who just found families
  • Invitations to fun local events


Media Opportunities:

  • Exclusive opportunities to participate in Facebook Live and social media takeovers
  • Chance to have your blogs and videos featured by Cultural Care


Professional Development:

  • Exclusive access to Cultural Care career development and internship or job positions
  • Access to workshops on improving your CV and preparing for job interviews

Insider Perks:

  • Sneak peaks of new Cultural Care initiatives
  • Opportunities to participate in customer experience research initiatives
  • Cultural Care clothes and gadgets


Q: Anything else you’d like people to know about the Ambassador Program?

A: We have lots of exciting things going on every month—and our community continues to grow in size! Right now, through the Ambassador Buddy Program, we offer support to every single au pair who joins Cultural Care.


Our general program participation doubled in the past year or so—and so far we’ve hosted 6 Au Pair Life events for 450 total au pairs around the country with 58 Ambassador volunteers!


Q: What is the most rewarding part about being the Director for the Ambassador Program?

A: That’s an easy one. On a daily basis, I get to hear how this program is impacting the world!


Q: In your opinion, why choose Cultural Care?

A: Cultural Care has the best people. Au pairs, families, staff, etc. most people who are engaging in this program passionately believes that the more people that participate or interact with cultural exchange the better the world is. This passion fuels everyone every single day to be their best self and support one another.


Q: In your opinion, what are some of the most compelling reasons to become an au pair?

A: It is so badass! It will make you a more empathic, self aware, and overall developed person.


The chance to experience another culture for yourself but also through the eyes of children and a family you are living with is once-in-a-lifetime. Plus, you’ll have friends to visit, all over the world, for the rest of your life.

Cultural Care Au Pair
Cultural Care Au Pair
Cultural Care Au Pair here! We believe that cultural exchange makes the world a better place – and so we’ve made it our life’s mission to help au pairs have enriching experiences in the USA. When we’re not helping au pairs travel, learn and grow in America, we’re probably eating candy from around the world and drinking copious amounts of coffee.
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