Au Pairs for their Communities

Au Pairs for their Communities

How au pairs are getting involved and giving back

One of the best parts about the au pair experience is living like a local in the USA! That means feeling like a part of your community and getting to know the people, places and organizations that make it special.


What are some ways to do that, you ask? Luckily, there are tons of options for au pairs who want to get involved in their communities. Check out some of the most popular ones below!


Join a local sports team


Participating in community sports is a great way to meet new people, stay active and have fun! America shares many common sports with countries from around the world—and who knows, maybe you’ll even have the chance to learn a new one during your au pair experience.


Take au pair Kathrine, from Denmark, for example: Aside from making friends from around the neighborhood and in her college classes, she stays involved in her community by playing on a local kickball team! According to her host parents, Kathrine is so well-liked among her kickball community that she was voted Most Valuable Player (MVP) by the opposing team—that’s no small feat!


Join a local church


Becoming a member of a local church is a wonderful way to meet people who share common beliefs and interests as you. Many churches in the USA regularly hold events that give au pairs the opportunity to feel like they’re connected to a strong, faith-based community.


Polish au pair Julita joined a local Polish language Catholic church when she came to the USA, and it’s made a big impact on her life. According to her host mom, “Julita attends the services regularly and has close ties with many of the parishioners. She often sings during mass and even gets tips on the best places to get Polish food supplies!”


There’s also Brazilian au pair Paloma, who since arriving in the USA has emerged as a standout leader and volunteer in her community. Not only does Paloma volunteer with the children’s elementary school, she is active in church as well. She volunteers her time every week to help set up for services.


She also volunteers to teach 3rd and 4th graders in Sunday school. By now, Paloma has accumulated over 125 hours teaching lessons in a children’s ministry program that serves more than 800 children in her community! According to her host dad, “Paloma is so beloved by her community that she was chosen over scores of other teachers and mentors to lead the large group lesson for the pinnacle Christmas Services—a great honor, indeed.”


Become a Cultural Care Ambassador


For those eager to help other au pairs in the community, becoming a Cultural Care Ambassador is a great way to make new friends and tap into the Cultural Care community at large!


Cultural Care Ambassadors are community leaders, media influencers, mentors and advocates for au pairs around the country. As an ambassador, you have opportunities to get involved in special projects, events, activities and even social media takeovers.


Take it from Austrian au pair, Johanna: “It’s just amazing that I can help other au pairs and also future au pairs. I love the buddy program and share my awesome experiences with them and help them. Also, my LCC sees me as a really huge help because I helped her with finding a new place for our welcome meetings. I just feel more important as an ambassador in Cultural Care because I can actually help other people and have an impact.”


To learn more about the Cultural Care Global Ambassador program, click here.


Volunteer Locally


There are countless ways to volunteer in the community—and Cultural Care au pairs across the country are doing it every day!


South African au pair Anne volunteers at her host kids’ school, which connects her with other families in the area—this makes scheduling playdates even easier for her host children!


Anne’s host mom says: “Our boys attend a parent participation school where adults volunteer in the classroom to help teachers, as well as lead small group instruction. Anne would not only help at the school while on-duty, but she often volunteered her own time at school to help teach cooking & art lessons, go on field trips and lead a special cultural music class our school called Global Beat where she was able to share many of her South African folk dances. Many of our friends and teachers at the school grew to know and love Anne as much as we did.”


Brazilian au pair Romulo spends his free time making the most of his time in the U.S. and incorporating himself into the community. Apart from traveling and visiting with his new friends, he participates in a local soccer league, and generously volunteers his time as a firefighter at his local volunteer fire department.


Getting involved in your community not only improves the lives of those around you, it improves your own as well! Cultural Care au pairs around the country say that their experiences in the USA were heightened by giving back and meeting people in their neighborhood. It gives them an authentic American experience and helps introduce others in the community to a new culture and way of life. It’s a win win!

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