Food Art for your host kids

Food Art for Your Host Kids

Make your host kids happy with these creative lunch box ideas!

Are you tired of struggling to get your host kids to eat their greens? Let’s be honest—veggies are not as exciting as candy, are they? Our host families would like us to give certain foods to the kids, but sometimes it takes lots of patience to make them eat healthy (let’s not even talk about the picky eaters!). Don’t lose your hope, because I have a solution for this.


Let me introduce you to Food Art, the activity in which meals become crafts, and preparing them starts to be fun. All you need to do is turn fruits and vegetables into a piece of art and make what’s on the plate a feast for their eyes.


I’ll give you some reasons why this is such a great idea:


1.) You don’t HAVE to be creative.

Are you creative? That’s great—use all your skills and get crazy while preparing meals. Are you one of those that have no imagination at all? Turn to others for inspiration! There are many ideas on the internet, whether on Pinterest, mom’s blogs or just Google Images. You can also think of a character your kids love or the next American holiday and try to make something related to it.



2.) You can hide their least favorite foods.

The fact that their plates look fun will totally make them focus on that instead of what they are actually eating. If your host kid hates broccoli, try to use it in a different way, transform it into a tree, someone’s crazy hair, or a froggy! They will forget about it and eat it as if they loved it.


3.) There’s no need to use your spare time.

Will you have to use your free time for it? No! Food Art is preparing meals, but only in a different way. You can show your host kids how you make it, or even have them be a part of it by asking them for help, whether it is with ideas or in the actual making process.


4.) It can help picky eaters.

A recent article reported that picky eaters are more likely to accept new foods when they have the chance to play with it. Involve your kids in the activity, give them some food options and let them create their own art. Children love to get their hands messy, so that won’t be a problem. This way you’re promoting fun, curiosity, and exploration (and they feel so proud when eating what THEY have made).


5.) It’s fun!

Who said work has to be boring? Mostly when your job is being an au pair! Enjoy your working time while having fun crafting with food. Get as creative as you want, turn it into a weekly project with your kids, or make it a relaxation activity while they nap.


Now there’s no excuses for it—you can start making Food Art whenever you feel ready for it. You can do it for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner; you can do it on your own or involve your kids in it; however you’d like to do it, but live it up!

I'm Solana from Argentina. I'm 20 years old and I live in Sparks, Nevada. I take care of four kids (two girls and two boys) and I love my host family. I live to bake, travel and explore new places, but also spend time with my little ones. I love eating new foods and celebrating all the American holidays!